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thanks for watching c-b-s 5 early edition. your next local update is at 7:25. captioning funded by cbs that's blake griffin with the big dunk. happy tuesday. >> caption colorado, llc good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, january 31st 2012. welcome to studio 57 at the cbs broadcast center. i am charlie rose. mitt romney is full of confidence and newt gingrich is facing a tough road ahead, and we'll speak with scott pelley who's down in florida and we'll ask republican senator scott brown in washington about his push to end insider trading within the halls of congress. >> i'm gayle king. when i see you at 8:00 surprising talks from prince harry about his grandmother, the queen. daniel radcliffe stops by to talk about going from harry potter to horror films. i'm erica hill. 45 minutes of chilling auto tapes from the day of j.f.k.'s assassination kept secret until
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now. important news for women in their fight against high cholesterol. first we take a look at today's eye opener. your look at the world in 90 seconds. >> i know the speaker is not very happen,y speaker gingrich. he's not feeling very well. >> mitt romney looks for a knockout blow in florida as voters head to the polls. >> you cannot get to be president if you don't have the courage to tell the truth to the american people. >> ♪ for purple mountain's majesty, above the fruited plains ♪ >> gentlemen, team up in a super group. headed home rescuer jessica buchanan. >> they held jessica and another humanitarian worker in denmark for three months. oh, [ bleep ]. oh, my god, what is going on. florida investigates a deadly chain reaction crash as 911 calls capture the chaos.
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>> how many vehicles have been involved that you've seen so far? >> we cannot see, ma'am. 15 suspected al qaeda terrorists killed in yemen. just released audiotapes from air force one from the day president kennedy was assassinated. talk to me. all that. >> no dancing. >> and all that matters. >> americans will eat about 450 million chicken wings on super bowl sunday. >> that's just at governor christie's house. >> this place is blowing up twitter. >> on "cbs this morning." >> oh, my goodness. welcome to "cbs this morning." it is primary day in florida. the biggest contest so far in the presidential race. the polls show that republican voters there prefer mitt romney.
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>> those latest numbers show romney leading newt gingrich by 20 points. political correspondent jan crawford begins our coverage in tampa. jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. good morning to the west coast. it's hard to believe that it was just a week ago that romney was down in thes polls struggling to get his momentum back. today the is not whether he'll win but by how much. >> with a turnout like this i'm beginning to feel like we might win tomorrow. what do you think? >> reporter: with the polls showing a commanding lead and all signs pointing to victory, romney sounded so confident monday that he mocked the former house speaker. i know the speaker's not real happy, speaker gingrich. he's not feeling very excited these days. i know it's sad. >> reporter: despite plummeting in the polls gingrich continues to hammer romney as too liberal to win. >> we nominated a moderate in 2008 and he lost. mitt romney's more liberal than either of those candidates.
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>> reporter: but win or lose gingrich is vowing to stay in the race until the end saying he'll be in tampa in august at the republican convention. >> why would anybody in the establishment think that a massachusetts moderate which is a liberal by republican standards, pro-abortion pro-gun control, pro-tax increase, pro-gay rights why would they think he's going to be able to debate barack obama? >> reporter: with reporters on hits campaign plane a relaxed romney dismisses the remark. >> that's usually the case when you lose. when you say i'm going to go on no matter what happens, that's usually not a good sign. >> reporter: after florida romney is expected to do well in the next five contests, nevada, maine, colorado and minnesota hold caucuses which require what gingrich does not have, a substantial organization. he's not on the ballot in missouri. >> reporter: romney is not going to let up. they thought gingrich was down and out after new hampshire and
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iowa. he finished at or near the bottom in those states only to rise up again in south carolina and win. they're going to do everything they can to stop another newt comb back as they go west from florida. >> so where does it go from here? do we see a lot of attacks on newt gingrich so that the romney camp will not have to face one more time newt rises again? >> reporter: well you will see those attacks continue. here in florida they've been very tekttive. romney has spent millions and millions of dollars, charlie, on negative ads attacking gingrich for his characters ethics. reminding voters for that reprimand he got as house speaker. voters are telling me they're worried about gingrich's baggage. they want someone who can beat president obama. they're afraid obama will use that against him and keep the democrats in the white house. romney's team will continue these attacks as it goes forward to the west. >> jan thank you so much. also covering florida is cbs evening news anchor scott pelley. >> reporter: good morning,
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charlie. >> "the new york times" had an interesting quote. they said, is florida going to be the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end? what does it look like in florida? >> reporter: oh, charlie, i think you have to consider this to be the end of the beginning, perhaps. you can't say that it's over until it's over particularly because of the way the republican party has changed the rules this year. they've turned most of the winner take all states into proportional states, which means that you get delegates if you come in second or third. so that's what gingrich is counting on. this is not going to be a great february for gingrich as jan was just saying but if he can get to the super tuesday states on march the 6th he'll be competing in a number of southern states. and so as we move forward here the delegates will be handed out in a proportional way. gingrich could hold on for a long time. >> what's the biggest difference in the romney team between south carolina and the candidate -- between south carolina and the expected results in florida? >> reporter: well certainly the
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change here is the electorate here in florida. this is a much mother diverse state than south carolina much larger state than south carolina. we were out last night talking to a number of voters in a great cuban watering hole here called versailles. we noticed half of the people we talked to made a decision for mitt romney. the other have said they were undecided. that doesn't suggest very strong support for newt gingrich at least in our unscientific poll that we took last night. don't count out the tea party vote here, charlie. the tea party is very strong here in florida. helped elect the governor. helped elect senator rubio. about 1/3 of republican voters here according to our cbs news poll, identify themselves as tea party members. that is a show of strength for newt gingrich. >> scott a show of strength for him, as you mentioned. what's interesting about the state of florida, as you know in many ways it's been referred
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to by many people as a microcosm of this country. it's a difficult place to campaign because there are a lot of people from different backgrounds to win over. >> reporter: well, there certainly are. erica, the important thing to note here, too, is the candidates have timely arrived in a state that was very hard hit by the great recession and has been suffering for a very long time. the unemployment rate here is about 10%. that, of course is quite a bit higher than the 8.5% that we see nationwide. the construction industry has collapsed. just last july the space shuttle program ended. 7,000 jobs were lost in bravard county alone. this is a state where the candidates are really facing a lot of angry voters who are concerned about their futures and the futures of their families. >> two other things we'll keep a close look at. one, hispanic vote and also what happens to rick santorum. scott, thank you so much. we'll have much more on the
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florida primary tonight on the "cbs evening news." thanks again. the independent political groups known as super pacs have been super busy in florida. so far spending more than $44 million on the presidential race. that's according to one estimate. that is more than four times as much compared to this point in the 2008 campaign. massachusetts republican senator scott brown have a agreed to discourage super pacs from taking sides. senator brown joins us on capitol hill. good morning. >> hi. good morning. >> so does this bill go far enough senator, in terms of what you think ought to be done? will there be changes on the house side? >> listen, bottom line is we should act like every other member of the united states and be subjected to the same lies. based on the "60 minutes" piece i learned there is a potential problem of members of congress their families employees,
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office help using insider non-public information for personal financial gain. so, yes, this bill is a very strong bill. it has a lot of support, as you saw, in the vote last night. we're going to be working on managing the floor dood today. senator collins and i are very committed to making this happen and re-establishing the trust of the american people. >> there's also the question of super pacs and you and elizabeth warren have disagreement. do you think there is something that needs to be done about super pacs in the presidential campaign. >> i can only speak to my campaign. i called for this last election. i called for it this election. i'm glad professor warren wanted to join with me. the difference between other pacs is if a super pac comes in and runs a positive or negative ad i would have to pay 1/2 of that ad to a charity of the other person's choice. these people will hurt the individual candidates. i find that mostly they're false and misleading. we can talk about our own
7:11 am
records or lack thereof on other own. >> so you wouldn't then senator, make the call for perhaps a similar agreement when it comes to national campaigns, when it comes to the presidential election? >> i'll leave that up to the candidates that are running. i know in my race in massachusetts i think the voters deserve better and we came up with a plan. i think it's a good plan. i'm hopeful that she'll stick to t. i'm looking forward to obviously running a very clean campaign like i did last time. i'm going to draw a line in the sand and stick up for my record. >> do you call yourself a massachusetts moderate senator? >> i'm a scott brown republican. i read the plans, see how they affect massachusetts and our country and debt and deficit. i'll leave the labeling to other people. >> one of the other people that's labeling is newt gingrich. he says that mitt romney the former governor is not a mod der -- is not a conservative but is' a moderate. you know him. is he a conservative? >> sure. mitt is one of the nice eggs, honest, hard working men i ever
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met. when it comes to the economic issues there's nobody that can compete on either side of these issues to help get our country back. he's got my vote. i encourage everyone else to get out and vote for him. >> what did you think of his singing in florida? >> yeah. he's not going to be on "american idol" any time soon. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. and you can find more information about the campaign of course on our website, cbs including the latest delegate count. you can also follow the florida primary throughout the day and this evening on twitter as well as "cbs this morning." taking a look at some of the other news this morning. a major airstrike in southern yemen. at least 12 al qaeda militants were killed in what witnesses say was a u.s. drone attack on two vehicles. one of the dead is a suspect in the attack on the "u.s.s. coal." late last night senate
7:13 am
negotiators agreed on toughew sanction gs on iran to try to stop its nuclear weapons program. that bill would impose penalties on more individuals an companies doing business with tehran. companies that trade on wall street would have to reveal any iran-related business. the senate banking committee takes up the bill on thursday. florida's governor wants an investigation of sunday's deadly pile up in florida. 911 tapes show that limited visibility appears to have played a role in another crash that happened just before the multi-vehicle accident that killed ten people. as mark straws man reports, the 911 tapes show a story of a chaotic and deadly morning. >> reporter: among the outstanding questions from the i-75 pileup why the smokey highway was re-opened while disaster followed in minutes. >> there's another crash back there. >> reporter: drivers in 22 cars and trucks headed blindly into a mix of fog and smoke and a series of collisions and fire balls. >> oh, my gosh.
7:14 am
>> another one? >> another one. oh, my goodness, this is bad. >> how many vehicles have been involved that you've seen so far? >> we cannot see, ma'am. >> reporter: bert thomas remembers driving and suddenly all he saw was blackness. >> i stuck my hand out the window and i could not see my bracelet. >> reporter: but he could hear the thuds of more collisions. >> reporter: how many crashes? >> i thought i heard three vehicles hit. >> reporter: clear sign of impact? >> clear sign of impact. never heard any squeals. >> he's coming too fast. here comes another one. >> reporter: another unanswered question, what started the marsh fire near the highway that caused all the smoke? >> the two things that we know it wasn't is not from a controlled burn because there was no prescribed or controlled burning in the area and there was no lightning. >> reporter: if the marsh fire was intentionally set, this could become a criminal case arson or other charges. fen people were killed. >> reporter: four years ago this month a 70 car pileup also on a smokey highway killed four
7:15 am
people. any similarities between that road disaster and this one become something else for investigators to explore along i-75's disaster zone. mark "cbs this morning" this national weather report sponsored by b.p. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by bp."
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i was born here. i'm still here and so is bp. >> there's always been something missing from the history of the kennedy assassination and now we know what it may be. tapes that were kept secret for 50 years now revealed. douglas brinkley will show us what the story is and theory con spir rifts could learn from them. dolphins have beached themselves on cape cod. dozens have died. we'll see what might be causing it. newt gingrich is told to give up the eye of the tiger as we check this morning's headlines. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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>> and you thought the "star-spangled banner" was tough to sing. mitt romney singing at a florida rally last night. scott brown said he shouldn't think about going to "american idol." it is time now to show you some of the morning's headlines around the globe. we begin with a "usa today" story. they shut down over the weekend. "the new york times" tells us the highly ranked school admits giving exaggerated s.a.t. scores to surveys that ranked the top colleges in america. in texas they report that a local town is having water trucked in because the well's there is almost dry. spicewood would have been the first texas town to run out of water during the record drought. more trouble for newt gingrich. the chicago times says he's being sued for using a theme to his "rocky 3" thyme for his
7:23 am
rallies. they say he didn't ask for permission. "the seattle times" sts says starbucks plans to go to india. they plan plan to open 50 stores by the end of the year. "the des moines register" said a mom had a boy weighing 13.3. she didn't have an epidural. she's my hero. medical news that affecting nil ons of people with high cholesterol. doctors are more likely to give cholesterol drugs known as statins to men. >> now new studies show they work just as well for women. good morning. >> good morning, charlie and erica. this is big, big news. we think of heart attacks happening to older men. we need to remember that heart attacks affect women. it take 4/00,000 lives of women, more than the next three combined causes of deaths, but women are less likely to be screened for high cholesterol,
7:24 am
and they're 20% less likely to be treated with statins for the same numbers as men. so women need to be their own add vee indicates. >> why are they less likely? simply because they're screened less as you mentioned? >> that's one reason. the other is that the medical establishment isn't taking women's complaints as seriously. but until now there have also been lingering concerns about whether or not the statins were as effective in women. we didn't have research to show how effective they were because most early research is done on men. but now this new study showed they were just as effective for women, and they actually lower the risk of death, heart attack and stroke by 20%. >> so we should expect doctors to be prescribing more statins for women. >> we certainly hope so. if you're a women, you have high cholesterol, and you're not prescribed a statin, ask your doctor why. >> you said doctors weren't taking complaints from women seriously. how do you be a better advocate
7:25 am
for yourself and say no this is very serious, i need help with it. >> you know, erica, i think it's about not taking no for an answer. you have to make sure you're not sent away with something to calm you down. you have to make sure they listen and make sure you're screened for heart disease. >> are there any key words we should know about when we go into e.r. >> you should say if you have chest pain or any concerns. tell them about your family history, your risk factors. don't leave until you feel comfortable. >> and you're suggesting women should ask their doctors about statins. >> very much so. we're less likely to be treated so we need to go in and advocate for ourselves. >> holly, thanks. the jfk investigation left out nearly 45 minutes of audio tapes from "air force one." we're now hearing those for the first time and you'll heal them as we continue here. you're watching "cbs this
7:26 am
morning." your local news is next. san francisco prosecutors want to use video take by a neighbor good morning. it's 7:26. get you caught up with some of the bay area headlines. i'm frank mallicoat. the san francisco prosecutors want to use some video that was taken by a neighbor in sheriff ross mirkarimi's domestic violence trial. it's coming up in march. they say the video of the sheriff's wife was recorded after he had held her in their home for 18 hours following the alleged violence on new year's eve. pickets are up outside kaiser hospitals across northern california. the one-day walkout over contract issues goes until 7:00 tomorrow morning. kaiser says it will stay open. they are bringing in replacement employees. and walnut creek will have extra police in the downtown area over the weekend. the increased patrols all aimed at preventing violence like they had last weekend. traffic, weather, coming up on this tuesday right after this.
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good morning. if you are coming up northbound 101, the matilda off-ramp is closed. a car ran off the road into the ditch. negotiable 101 matilda off -- northbound 101 matilda off-ramp is closed until further notice. brake lights out of downtown san jose. northbound 280 slow this morning from 101 out towards cupertino. and similar story really sluggish from westbound 237 for your silicon valley ride out of milpitas. that is traffic. for your forecast, kind of gray outside. >> yeah, low clouds and fog and drizzle in the bay area this morning. looks like it is going to slowly break up throughout the day. san francisco, we have plenty of clouds extending there and delays at sfo of over an hour for arriving flights. temperatures running mainly in the 40s and 50s. seeing some ground fog now in santa rosa visibilities down to a quarter mile. in the afternoon, that will break up and pull back to the coastline. 50s at the beaches. plan on 50s and 60s inside the bay. 60s showing up in the valleys.
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endorsement by herman cain. it was the least he could do to thank gingrich for all the pizza he ordered over the years. >> speaker gingrich is running for president and going through this sausage grinder. i know what this sausage grinder is all about. >> i think if i was herman cain i'd drop the words "sausage" and "grinder". >> we apologize to all the carrottop fans out there. it's been nearly half a century from the kennedy
7:31 am
assassination. incredibly new information has been released. >> it comes from long lost audio tapes between "air force one" and washington bill plante tells us. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. for the first time, the complete audio tape from the flight from dallas to washington is available to the public online from the national archives. this newest material helps to fill in the record of they of sorrow confusion, and fear. >> roger, roger, i'm going to put mrs. rose kennedy on the line now. >> reporter: lyndon johnson and the newly sworn president and his wife laid byrd attempted to console kennedy's mother. >> thank you very much. thank you very much. i know. i know. >> mrs. kennedy -- >> all right.
7:32 am
>> >>. >> reporter: secretary of state dean rusk and others were over the pacific. they had just turned fwrak a trip to asia when the white house confirmed their worst fierce. >> we have report quoting that the president is dead that he died about 35 minutes ago. >> reporter: the full audio of transmissions from white house communications that day includes 42 minutes edited out of the original public version. it's likely to pique the interest of conspiracy theory rifts who already ask why this material was out of the original. the air force chief of staff curtis lemay had been a frequent opponent of kennedy and his washts on the day of the asass nation have always been a mystery. we learned that he was airborne even as jfk's body was being flown back to d.c. and an aide to him tried to reach his boss.
7:33 am
>> he's inbound. his code name is grandson, and i want to talk to him. it will be too late because he'll be on the ground in a half hour. >> they wonder if the aide's comments about not reaching lemay's comments may be too late could have some sinister meaning. >> i doubt that the tapes will put the conspiracy theory rifts to rest. they can't accept the proposition that a lone wolf someone as dysfunctional as lee harvey oswald could carry off the assassination of the president. >> reporter: the body was returned to washington and the new president made a promise to the nation. >> i will do my best. that is all i can do. i ask for your help. >> reporter: those 42 minutes of the flight back to washington were lost for years until the estate of kennedy's military
7:34 am
aide general chester clifton, sold his copy of the tapes to the collection at the historical dealers collection. they gave their copy to the national ar kooivs. charlie, erica. >> bill, thanks so much. also in washington this morning historian douglas brinkley, a cbs consult tant. good morning. >> good morning to you, charlie. >> why didn't clifton or the estate release them earlier? >> clifton was as extend inably chief kennedy's chief of staff. he had to handle -- he was in the dallas motorcade, clifton, and then his job was military security and communications. he was really responsible for getting jfk's body from dallas here to washington. so he was a key player in all of this drama, and he kept this tape to himself all these years. he died his wife's died. and now the family was dividing
7:35 am
the heirloom the tape was found, a manuscript dealer came in, and we now have 43 minutes more of what happens on that almost iconic and bizarre episode on "air force one" when everyone was trying to cluster together and make sense of what just occurred in dallas. >> what surprised me is he didn't notify someone that he had them and ask if they were of historic importance. this information about general lemay, what do you make of that? >> i find it somewhat odd. he had had a fierce fight in 1962 headed to the air force. he was determined that we had to fight the soviets over cuba. he felt that kennedy was spineless and weak probably the number one enemy or detractor of kennedy within government and here he is calling -- you have a colonel doorman sevening for
7:36 am
lemay lemay. we never knew where he was. you would thing he would have told people but he kept that out. who decided what 43 minutes should be cut of this tape and just discarded? so not just conspiracy theorists but scholars are going to want to reinstate some of this information. it's still the tape of code names for people. it's going to take time to sort all that out. >> doug, it's erica. good morning. >> reporter: hey erica. >> in terms of questions it raises about why it's edited out, the tapes were kept quiet for so long, beyond code name is there anything else that sticks out to you they sas this is the reason why people did not want this information out theresome. >> reporter: it gets to the heart of the warrant commission acquiring all information available and trying to let the american people know what happened or was the warrant commission a white wash to kind of put the assassination behind
7:37 am
us? we all know that gets fiercely debated. i can tell you there was a recent cbs news poll where it was something like 73% of the american people don't believe in the warren commission fully. this doesn't help any because the fact that this wasn't brought -- you know somebody edited the tape a lot of information left out was presented at the air force one tape. it creates questions. it raises eyebrows. so this is while not a gigantic historic moment this tape it's significant. what it tells us is that both the kennedy assassination review committee act of 1992 and the warren commission didn't have this. >> for historians like you, are there question about other tapes that might be out there? >> well, there's a notion that that flight is 4 1/2 hour of raw footage and while this tape is 45 or 43 minutes longer, that there was -- somewhere there
7:38 am
could be another tape edited out. i think clifton kept it because he was with them. he was probably told to -- anybody who knew he had it to keep it quiet or he kept it just squirrelled away and didn't want to draw attention. after all somebody did kill kennedy. i ranges from the mafia to cuba and didn't want to be known as the guy that was a daniel ellsberg-type figure keeping this tape in your sock drawer. >> thank you very much doug. interesting story. cape cod is supposed to be pretty quiet. but the area made famous by the kennedys is actually very busy right now for dolphins and dolphin rescues. we'll take a closer look at the effort to save the animals who keep beaching themselves. we'll investigate the wonderful world of dave. you're watching "cbs this morning."
7:39 am
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this is not. this is 145 water-skiers in tasmania trying to break their own world record for the largest number of skiers towed by a single boat. they had to stay afloat for 1.6 miles, and they did it. quite a picture, quite a feat. more than 100 dolphins have now stranded themselves along cape cod just this month, and that number is growing. rescuers are doing the best they can to keep up. they have been able to save many of them. scientists will be briefing congress later this week. jim axelrod reports. they're still looking for the answers. >> reporter: the alarming numbers of beached dolphins along 25-mile stretch of cape cod continues to baffle scientists for a third straight week. on monday, three more dolphins were sighted approaching the shore. two swam away from harm but this one got too close to the beach.
7:44 am
rescue funds for international animal welfare jumped in. the animal later died and along with three more carcasses does ses ses discovered over the weekend now stands at 102, about the number seen over the course of an entire year. >> if i asked you right now why is this happening, what would your answer be? >> i don't know. >> we'll pull this up. >> marine biologist misty niemeyer has been examining the dolphins that did not survive looking for clues. >> one thing it tells us is if the all the animals look healthy, it's something more geographic or weather-related. not emerging disease or toxins nr or anything like that. >> reporter: two dozen were safely released back into the ocean with a tag. scientists like brian sharpe are now tracking their movements. >> when we're looking at the orange line, the blue line, the
7:45 am
green line this is a good picture. >> this is exactly what we want to see. >> reporter: while many of the dolphins have traveled far away the already overworked rescue crews are continuing monitor dozens of dolphins that remain offshore in cape cod bay. >> is this the most intense two-week period of your career? >> it's been about the most intense. the last few weeks has definitely been pretty intense as far as the numbers of animals coming in in a short period of time. >> jim axelrod is with us now. the question is why are they doing this? what's happening? >> they're workingen a couple of different these. dolphins travel in pods. if the leader is falling too close to shore or is sick or disoriented, the rest of the dolphins will follow him. maybe it's the geography, the cape cod is a hook. they don't know how to get in or
7:46 am
the royal princes william and harry are speaking out in a
7:47 am
rare documentary opening up in a pretty candid conversation about not just the queen, but also prince philip. we'll take a closer look at what they had to say and what it tells us about the both of them. you're watching "cbs this morning." we've got to protect the environment. the economists make some good points. we need safer energy. [announcer:] who's right? they all are. visit hey, there's a photo booth. come on! okay, we gotta time this just right. okay. ready... mm-hmm. happy valentine's day. [ female announcer ] the charmed memories collection at kay jewelers. each charm is hand-crafted in italy and with hundreds of charms to choose from the possibilities are endless. and this thursday through sunday receive this charmed memories bracelet free with any charmed memories purchase of $100 or more. at kay, the number one jewelry store in america. ready...
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our gayle king is not in the green room. she's in the control room with a look at what's going on in the next hour. gayle, why are you there? >> because i'm flexible. >> that's good to be. >> flexible and a multitasker, thank you very much. thank you, charlie. super pacs are raising millions of dollars for the candidates and that's proving to be a game-changer. but where is all that money coming from? we'll find out today. armen keteyian has a preview. for the first time the plarks admitting it may be dafrmgs to your health. we're talking about the brazil jan blowout. daniel radcliffe is back on the scene. he deliberately took on a role far different from "harry potter". super bowl the taking on
7:52 am
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this morning, good tuesday morning. it's 7:56. i'm grace lee with your cbs 5 headlines. pickets are up outside this morning outside kaiser permanente hospitals in northern california. one-day walkout continues until 7 a.m. tomorrow morning. kaiser says it will keep its facilities open with replacement workers. san jose state university has been selected for a $73 million federal grant, the largest in the school's 155- year history. the monly in go toward five years of re-- the money will go toward five years of research on air and space travel in conjunction with nasa ames research center in mountain view. the goal is to develop systems to improve safety and efficiency. sjsu students and employees will be able to work side by side with nasa scientists.
7:57 am
we'll have an update on your traffic and weather coming right up.
7:58 am
good morning. eastbound 24 right before the caldecott tunnel or possibly even in the bore, there's a stalled truck causing backups right now heading from oakland into orinda and westbound 24 just seeing our usual slower speeds out of walnut creek. so again, backups in both directions heading into and out of the caldecott tunnel. so there's your drive time on westbound 24 in the commute direction about 19 minutes now between walnut creek and the macarthur maze. more traffic in about a half hour. in the meantime, let's talk weather with lawrence. >> elizabeth, a lot of low clouds and fog onshore today. the fog going to slowly brake up outside. over temperatures in the 40s and 50s. by the afternoon, we are going to see some sunshine a little inside the bay, 50s and 60s there. fog at the coast. cool 50s out toward the beaches.
7:59 am
8:00 am
xyz. abcdefghijklhnopq. ♪ i am so in love with you ♪ >> even if the singing's all he got. no other candidate can match his voice, at least in the last election we had john mccain and his old singing group. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> and he might have won if that house hadn't landed on his running mate. >> ouch! john mccain must be going, no fair! it's 8:00. welcome back to cbs "this morning." i'm gayle king. >> i'm charlie rose. super pacs are getting attention over the way they're raising money during this presidential
8:01 am
campaign. >> we'll know much more about all of this when the records are made public today. >> reporter: the messages rattle off like machine gun fire targeting political rivals morning, noon and night. but these attacks are not paid for by the candidates. rather so-called super pacs. >> funded by millions of dollars from donations from individuals, corporations or unions who for the first time have no restrictions on spending. >> gingrich was fined $300,000 -- >> reporter: the result casino magnate magnate can now pop $10 million into winning our future. one of the super pacs backing newt gingrich. >> katzenberg can go from spending less than $70,000 to presidential candidates in the last cycle to $2 million to a super pac supporting president obama this year alone.
8:02 am
>> president obama. >> reporter: nearly 300 registered super pacs have until midnight tonight to report the source of their latest donations and how they spend it. for republicans the biggest carry upbeat names like restore our future proto-romney super pac. for the democrats working to reelect president obama big dollars are pouring into priorities usa action. >> don't try to stop the fore cloesh are process. let it hit the bottom. >> indiana attorney james bopp who argued and won the supreme court case who opened to contributions says the more money the merrier. >> unfortunately, there's not enough information out there. people don't know the name of their congressman. they don't know the name of the vice president and much less what their policies are. they need much more spending in order to have informed voting. >> i made a mistake. >> what's not debatable is that the air assault is far from
8:03 am
over. political advertising on television is expected to reach an all-time high. $3 billion by the time we picked our next president. >> arm anan is with us now. how much can they spend? >> as much as they have in their wallet. adelson adelson, as we talked about -- >> if he wants to spend $100 million on a republican candidate he can do it. >> he can do it. in south carolina you have 3 million that came in from the romney pac and 15 million in florida that have been spent by those supporting gingrich and romney. this is a tidal wave and i think what's going to happen, too, this is by far the most expensive, but it's the most negative and it will become i think, the most slimy. >> is there any accountability in the super pacs? that's what i'm fascinated by. it seems like they can say
8:04 am
anything and not be held for any accountability for what they say. >> i think in a very short answer it's yes. we looked at a lot of campaign ads and they're full of half-truths and distortions and flat-out lies but because they are covered by group names that have very rose-colored names to them, to drill down into who the supporters are which we'll find out a lot tonight and during the day as these information comes in, but you have to dig to find out who is behind these messages. >> is that why they're required to file because the sec wants to know who is behind it. >> >> to a certain extent. you can look at certain
8:05 am
queen elizabeth. queen elizabeth, i'll say it again, queen elizabeth has been on the throne for 60 years. her husband prince philip has been with her the whole time. we'll tell you who is saying what now that he does not get enough credit. you may be surprised at who that is. you are watching "cbs this morning."ching "cbs this morning."
8:06 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ next monday is queen
8:10 am
elizabeth's 60th an verse ri as britain's monarch. this morning prince william and prince harry a praising the queen. >> victoria is with us this morning. we heard them speak glowingly, lovingly about their grandmother in the past, but this is new about prince philip. >> you're absolutely right. it's important as we go into this diamond jubilee year. while we should celebrate the queen's achievements, it's incredible what she's done for her country, her sense of duty. but prince philip has been there every step of the way. i was touched to hear that harry said well, he did praise her sense of duty and her stoicism specifically but she couldn't have done any about it without prince philip. >> why do you think they feel the need to say something? do they think he doesn't get enough credit for the role he
8:11 am
plays? i thought it was unusual. >> it was quite easy to be dismissive of prince philip. he's just always there. the queen started writing to him when she was 13 years old. they've been married for 64 years. he's the oldest serving spouse of a reigning british mon ark. i think harry is aware that as the year progresses it's the queen's big party, but we need to remember philip as well. >> they came before prince philip's health scare, which i thought made the words even more endeer. he wasn't just saying it because he was ill. he just wanted to make it clear this guy means a lot to him and the family. >> i think you're right. that does make it especially poignant. prince philip was in hospital for four days over christmas. it would have been catastrophic if the worst had happened. this this would have been a year of mourning instead of a year of celebration. to hear harry step up and say, we have to acknowledge prince
8:12 am
philip but the fact it was said before this health scare makes it more special. >> do you find it's interesting that the comments from from harry and not from william as he's preparing to step into the queen's role? >> well, yes, i think so. william is looking to the queen for guidance. he said about the queen that she never had a blueprint. she's carved out her own path. i think talk about a special role model for william. it's incredible he has her to look to when he looks to his own rein. she's not impressed by celebrity. she's probably the world's most famous woman anyway. she's very keen to have her privacy. she's managed to really carve out a brilliant avenue, i suppose, for her private and public duty. it's something that william is really going to struggle with moving forward. he and kate are so popular. already, we're seeing where it gets difficult keeping their private and public life separate. >> and speaking of keeping your private and public life separate, i heard on the news the other day they've decided to
8:13 am
delay having a baby. i keep wondering if kate is thinking leave me alone, people. when we get ready we'll let you all know. i marvel at how difficult it must be for her. >> i think what's made it especially difficult is both william and charles were born within a year of their child's marriage. everyone thought, we'll hav a baby before april of 2012. but this year is very important. we have got the diamond jubilee. they're ambassadors for the olympics. there's no time for a baby. >> they're a little business si. thank you, victoria. if you love super bowl commercials, you ready for this one? bueller. bueller. oh, he's back in an ad that's getting a huge response online. we'll take a closer look at that and a little more when we return. this is "cbs this morning." ♪ ♪ ♪
8:14 am
cherry juice drink at or on facebook.
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8:17 am
oh nice. for many years, super bowl advertisers like to hield their commercials until the big game. now companies are happy to reveal those ads way ahead of time. >> one top auto maker and a rather famous movie character are setting the tone for this year. >> reporter: well, it's hardly a ferrari, but we all have to grow up some day, right? four days ago, the world got its first glimpse of matthew broderick reprizing his iconic 1986 role as ferris bueller. >> i'm taking the day off. >> reporter: hollywood's fast-driving high school hero. >> broderick. >> reporter: that ten-second clip part of a new super bowl ad for the honda crv, generated a ton of buzz. more than a million ferris fans
8:18 am
viewed it online. >> it really is tapping into the nostalgia of that character. everybody wanted to be ferris when they saw that movie. everybody wanted to be that guy or date that guy. >> how could i resist? >> reporter: yesterday, the car company released a full two and a half minute version of ad further stoking this ferris frenzy. entertainment weekly says this commercial is already cutting through the clutter of super bowl sunday. >> in a way, it seems honda's almost poking fun of itself. it's very clear this crv is no ferrari. >> having a sense of muhumor about it and having a knowing wink to the viewer is very smart. if ferris can grow up and have a station wagon and think it's so choice, maybe it's okay for me too. >> reporter: trying to capitalize on all the attention paid to advertising in the week leading up to the big game companies will release around 15
8:19 am
to 20 of these so-called pre-teaser ads online says google. >> the super bowl is not just one day anymore. it's what we call rolling thunder. there's an opportunity for the lightning to strike with a pre-teaser ad. then they can just carry that brand experience all the way through to the game and after the game. >> reporter: with 111 million viewers expected to tune in and commercial slots costing upwards of $6 million per minute super bowl sunday stakes can seem just as high for advertisers. >> how many of us don't watch commercials? we fast forward with a dvr. we don't stop and watch. this is the one time where people actually say, oh the commercials are on. you know that's a dream come true for advertisers. >> reporter: yet, surrounding these commercials is a game. patriots versus giants. but that seems to be a minor point for some. >> sometimes you got to live a
8:20 am
little. >> so as of this morning, that two and a half minute commercial has been viewed more than 3 million times since it hit the web. wow. so what is the marketing strategy here? abbey klaassen has some ideas on that. that is so me, abbey. welcome. it is so me, what she just said. the commercials are on. are these pre-teaser ads a good idea? >> we're seeing a ton of it. part of that is the super bowl is an incredibly expensive endeavor. we're talking 30 seconds costing upwards of $3.5 million. >> but more now than ever before, these pre -- i don't remember it being this way before. >> if you do the math that's about $100,000. >> i'm not good in math. go ahead. >> $100,000 a second. you got to find ways to get people to watch the ad outside of the super bowl. it can't just be about the game now. so, you know, i think the folks at honda, when they were putting this togther, probably did a little looking at what worked in past years. they probably looked at
8:21 am
volkswagens. it was a wonderfully successful case study. >> the darth vader ad from last year. >> so adorable. >> i love that, yes. >> so they release that a couple days before the super bowl. it racked up about 10 million views before the game online on youtube and some other video sites. since the game, another 90 milion views. if you put those together that's 100 million views. that's almost double the audience that they got during the game. >> it's huge. especially when you're spending that amount of money. obviously there's the nostalgia. star wars, the ferris. i love the whole ferris connection, but i don't look at it to buy a car. when it comes to whether or not this is successful not just the super bowl ad, but releasing it early, is there any clear data that shows a clear return on this investment? >> you know, there is actually. especially if you're trying to push a new product, for example or relaunch a product. we're seeing honda's sibling brand acura with an ad that
8:22 am
stars jerry seinfeld. it gets people excited. i think the other interesting thing that's going on here is both of these ads are pretty long. two minutes on this particular ad. two and a half minutes on the ferris bueller ad. in the game those will only be 60 seconds long. what you do by releasing it early, you let people see the full, extended version which is often a better story. >> is this one a better story? >> you know i don't know. i'm intrigued to see it cut to 60 seconds for the game. i loved the ten-second teaser they put out. i'm not sure that the two and a half minute ad lived up to the promise for me. i think if you cut it down to 60 seconds, it might be better. >> well, we could say mission accomplished because we're sitting here talking about it. >> absolutely. pr value alone. >> thank you abbey. >> thanks. >> i know what you and i will be watching. >> for sure. the airline industry is shrinking all the time. companies merging now just to
8:23 am
survive. so does that hurt or help your wallet? that answer when we return.
8:24 am
8:25 am
that san francisco sheriff r ife confined good morning, 8:25. i'm grace lee with your cbs 5 headlines. we have new allegations this morning that san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi kept his wife confined to their home on new year's eve. the "chronicle" reports that eliana lopez finally left their home 18 hours after he allegedly bruised her arm. she went to her neighbor's when he was in the shower. prosecutors want to use that video taken by the neighbor in their domestic violence case against sheriff mirkarimi. oakland mayor jean quan is talking about stay-away orders for repeat offenders of the "occupy oakland" protest. the proposed orders would prevent about 100 people from being in certain parts of the city. critics say they are similar to gang injunctions which mayor quan had recently opposed. and thousands of employees at kaiser permanente are on a one-day strike in northern
8:26 am
california. kaiser is using replacement workers to keep all its facilities open. mental health and optical workers are in a dispute over pay and health benefits. nurses and engineers are joining the strike in support. we'll have an update on your traffic and weather coming right up.
8:27 am
good morning. we'll start off with a look at the south bay. coming up northbound 101 right
8:28 am
there by alum rock there is a stall and some slow traffic just behind it. 280 kind of similar story just sort of slow and go out of downtown heading out towards highway 85 and cupertino. better news for the caldecott tunnel. i had mentioned eastbound 24 right there sounded like it was in the center bore. there was a stalled truck and so they were able to clear that out of lanes. it's still pretty sluggish from broadway and westbound 24 just your usual slower speeds heading out of orinda. san mateo bridge is fine all the way towards the peninsula. that's traffic. here's lawrence with your forecast. >> low clouds and fog moved onshore and spread well inland this morning. if you are heading out the door very gray, drizzle at the coast and the bay. temperatures in the 40s and 50s in most spots, although in the upper 30s now in santa rosa. they are seeing fog right on the ground and visibilities down to a quarter mile. this afternoon sunshine, 50s and 60s inland, 50s with patchy fog at the coast.
8:29 am
8:30 am
looks like cincinnati to me. welcome back to "cbs this morning." remember twa and northwest airlines? well, they've disappeared thanks to the mergers in the airline industry. even more consolidating -- and even more consolidation is what she's trying to say may be coming. cbs news travel editor peter greenberg is here to tell us how that might affect your next
8:31 am
trip. peter, good morning. i remember when pan am was more than a tv show. >> that's right. >> i remember. >> it's all gone. it's not funny. a number of years ago we had six. u.s., american united delta, continental. >> eastern. >> no, no. you're really going back. that was 1991 kwherch they failed. there were six. now were ee're down to four and maybe soon three. everybody started looking at them. everybody is playing the stats of who wants to buy who. >> what's the problem? why can't they make enough money so they don't have to merge? >> that's an hour show right there. but the real problem is everybody's consolidating, and they're all claiming the reason they're consolidating is to make sure they can remain solvent. nobody's stepping in to say, wait a minute, maybe you 140u8d shouldn't be flying. you see fewer, fewer flights and you know what that means. what you have is a combination
8:32 am
of shrinking capacity and service that's either diminished or nonexistent. we're seeing that even with southwestern airtran. there's another merger that just happened. so we have u.s. air saying they want to buy american. you then have delta saying they want to buy american. and now we have delta saying they want to buy u.s. air. it's a gary of musical chairs. someone's going to get left at the altar, and ultimately it's us. >> does that mean higher fares? >> law of supply and demand. i'll give you an example. airtran is pulling out of 16 cities in america, right? these are cities like allentown, p.a. sarasota florida. where do they go? the problem is they used to go to airtran. they're not there now. >> take american. what will happen to them? will private equity come in and take a position? why can't american make it alone? >> they've got about $4 billion in cash. they're cutting all their costs in bankruptcy.
8:33 am
isn't it ironic that all those airlines i just told you about who are thinking of buying it who are they looking to? british air. under the law, they can only 49% of an airline because they're a foreign ownership but a lot of people want to put the money out there. >> what's the next big deal you see? >> well u.s. air only had 8% of the market. as a result, they can't stand alone. i don't care what you say. it makes a lot of sense for u.s. air and delta as opposed to u.s. air and american because there will be so much consolidation of routes and the possibilities are endless. it doesn't mean the merger won't happen. it means there'll be a lot of horse trading. they'll have to give up slots, routes. >> i thought deregulation is supposed to be in the interest of the financial health of airlines. >> deregulation allowed bad airline management to allow government support to show how bad they really could be. are we going to look at
8:34 am
reregulation? >> the problem is it due to incompetent airlines? >> send your letters to charlie rose. >> that's r-o-s-e. >> people got greedy. they try to fly to the many places. if you look at the actual cost of airfares from 1978 they're pretty low. >> is something like jet blue different? >> sure. >> because of management or something else? >> because of management. they didn't buy their planes initially. they were given their plains. airbus was so interested in getting in on the business they gave jetblue their planes for free. >> we can get all that in the hour show. >> the hour show charlie. >> charlie, you flew yesterday. how was it? >> it was great. but i came back and left my two computers, an ipad and a mac air on the flight. >> i'm curious. how did you do that? not one but two. >> i had them together and i was
8:35 am
sitting in the very first seat. i put it in front of me and used it during the flight put it back because i'm sitting in bulkhead and somebody came to talk to me and i forgoter the computer. >> and somebody is on ebay. >> that's r-o-s-e. >> it has my name on it. >> let's take a look at the bidding. >> it's going to be a bad day. >> thank you, peter. >> you're welcome. >> thanks. if you have flyaway hair chances are you've looked into the brazilian blowout. it's become one of the most popular styling trends because it promises straight hair for months after a single salon visit. but it's reported that it comes with a warning that the products involved may actually be dangerous. >> reporter: the l&r beauty salon in l.a. specializes in brazilian hair straightening treatments says style list christine sanchez. and roy arbib knows why.
8:36 am
they failed to warn their products contain a known carcinogen formaldehyde, the chemical that actually straightens the hair. brazilian blowout claimed to be formaldehyde formaldehyde-free. monday the company settled, agreeing to stop false advertising and pay $600,000 in fees and penalties. stacy mall can iskan is with campaign forward. >> it's a huge step forwardet. gets the company to stop lying but it's another enough. we knead to put new laws in place that require companies to make safer products. >> reporter: in a statement brazilian blowout said the labeling and marketing and advertising changes agreed to in the settlement have already been in place for months. we're pleased to have this
8:37 am
matter behind us. >> this room is a special ventilation room. >> reporter: he installed a one-of-a-kind room just for brazilian treatments ventilated to clear the air of formaldehyde. >> do you feel safer? >> 100% safe. i used to wear a mask and goggles. >> reporter: now californians can see on the label just how great that cost can be. for "cbs this morning," bill whitaker in los angeles. >> you had the best line. you said what are the -- >> it's a terrible terrible smechlt i heard it's great but a terrible smell. for the first time they're saying it's dangerous. >> i have a friend who won't do it. >> you weren't planning to try, were you? >> no, i was not. >> charlie's going to be busy on e bay trying to find his computer. >> that's r-o-s-e.
8:38 am
>> at "cbs this morning.." harry potter's
8:39 am
8:40 am
what happened to him? >> he was playing at the beach with his friends and they said the tide must have caught him off guard. you've seen him, haven't you? >> this morning in the fire. >> after eight "harry potter" blockbusters and it bus blockbuster with a capital "b," daniel radcliffe is starring in the next act of his career. he's starting in "women in black." >> he plays the father haunted by the death of his wife. he's decidedly less scary in
8:41 am
person. >> you were very scary in the movie. >> i'm very intimidating all five of me. >> but did you decide was it a conscious decision on your part daniel, that you said notice how neither one of us said "harry potter" is here. neither one of us said that. you're welcome. we'll talk about "harry potter" later. did you make a conscious decision to go all the way to the other side? number one it's kind of cool you're playing a dad, number one, and it is a horror film? did you decide you wanted to do something totally different than what you have done? >> i think that's the case. for any actor coming out of a franchise, for any actor, you look for as much diversity and variation as you can. i wanted to do something different that people haven't seen and show another side of me. i look different in this film a lot older. people haven't seen me in something like this before, so i think, you know i'm excited for people to see that.
8:42 am
>> you were really concerned about the connection of playing a father, about the connection you would have with the actor who played your son. so a little bit of creative maneuvering on your part. >> yes exactly. i did kind of cheat there and help myself out with that. i was -- i was -- people have seen me in a school boy outfit for ten years so it seems like a little bit of a leap for them to immediately accept me as a father. so i asked james if he would audition my real-life godson and he did and he auditioned them with five other boys and they were very good, but there's no real substitute for that chemistry, especially such a young kid. it helped me a huge amount having that chemistry with him and being able to play around with him and have fun rather than worrying if, you know about this little boy being overwhelmed as he would be on a film set for the first time when you're 4. >> is he already an act eror? >> no, no. >> that's his first role?
8:43 am
>> go, uncle daniel. what does he call you? >> he calls me uncle dan. >> i have to say one of my favorite musicals of all time because it's so much fun. you had a quite a run and were so well recognized for your work in it. >> it was -- i just had the best time, i really did. i -- it was amazing. i actually saw the show last night with nick. >> nick jonas. >> yeah. i -- it was amazing to sit and watch what we came up with in rehearsal. suddenly a year later and somebody's hands still running it. it gave me immense pride. yeah, it was fantastic, and i had a graduate time last night. it was -- at the time the curtain wentz up i started crying. i don't cry very often unless i miss people. but when i haven't seen anyone for flee weeks and dancing and being brilliant, it was very emotional. >> more broadway in your future? >> oh, absolutely.
8:44 am
i want to keep coming back for as long as i can. >> you know what i like about you? it's pretty good being daniel radcliffe radcliffe. you talk about love in your life. that life is much better with her. >> yes. >> i think that's so nice for a man to say that. >> rosie. >> why is life better for your you with her in it? >> i don't know. it's just unquestionably i'm happier, i spend less time in my head about stuff, i get -- you know, she makes me remember what's important and what's not important and what i have to be focus on and what is pointless to think about you know just -- she -- one day at time stops me from going insane which is lovely. >> great quality to have. >> and harry potter, is it something you thinking i will be harry potter for the rest of my life? it's one of those iconic characters but you've clearly moved on to other things.
8:45 am
are you okay talking about it? >> yes. i'm fine with it. people in the green room are like -- >> some people are sensitive about it. >> i think a lot of people don't like to be -- i this ink a lot of people when they try to move away from something try to put as much distance from it. it's almost like they didn't have an association with it. >> that's how we fell in love with you. >> i could never do that. ot only the film's you know encompassed ten years of my life that were amazingly formative, exciting, and full of happiness like i would never want to turn my back on them but always they're great films. i'm proud to be associated with it. they're amazingly true to the books considering how much of the books there was and they're responsible for me getting onto broadway and like nothing i've done would not be possible would that initial piece of luck. >> we have to stop you and ask you one quick question. you have apparently fallen in
8:46 am
love with american football. >> super bowl sunday. >> not just because you're living in new york but do you -- >> i have a giants cap, i'm a giants fan. >> you're ready to go. >> when i was there, i was christened a giants fan when i went into the theater. >> is it true you got into fantasy football? how does your girlfriend feel about that? >> not so good. darling, do you think i should -- i don't care. she listens. >> we like that you're pulling for the giants. we like that. >> of course, absolutely. >> we like that. >> i would say the same thing in boston. >> goo for you. >> you're a wise man. >> continued success to you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for coming. >> "the woman in black" opens in theaters this friday. ever wonder about the price of being a celebrity? we always hear how much money they make but the price of staying in the spotlight, well, that costs some big bucks.
8:47 am
not big butts, big bucks. what's gayle thinking? we'll show
8:48 am
8:49 am
lady gaga, hello. celebrities make money in a lot of different ways but they also spend a lot. >> that's the bottom line for a story in the last issue of "new york magazine." >> jo piazza joins us. jo, nice to have you with us this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> one of the things ta stood out to a lot of us in this report is they're making money in very different waysful it's not just multi-million-dollar movie contracts. it's getting paid to tweet, hawking products overseas. how has that changed things? >> it's so interesting. this is a new celebrity economy.
8:50 am
as revenues from things like movies and tv shows are going down, we're seeing them make money off of all of these different revenue streams from showing up at clubs to making appearances to doing advertising overseas. >> how much do they get paid to show up at a club club?? >> the top end is $100,000. >> who makes that? >> kim kardashian, fergie, lady gaga. >> charlie rose. >> charlie rose. >> does anybody pay you to show up to a club? >> no one pays me to show up anywhere. >> but they're paid to keep me out. >> this is what gets me. celebrity tweeting. say actress a says, oh i love this red lipstick. i think that's great until you find out that she's paid to say that. think that changes the whole tone. shouldn't they be up front and say, look, shouldn't they tell us jo i'm a paid spokesperson for x, y, and z? >> i think they absolutely should and that's what bugs me
8:51 am
too. sometimes there's a hash tag like # #sp. but does anyone know that that means sponsor? >> the reality stars, the ones not making money off of anything else like acting or music get paid for showing up and tweeting more than the a hf-listers do. >> you know what's amazeing about this. actors have done advertising oversea. paul mckartsny. >> george clooney. >> a ton. >> why do they do it here and they don't want to do it here? >> exactly what you kbies were saying. they don't want to saturate their brand here. but over there, no one's going to see these ads for shampoo or beer or cell phones. and, again they get paid $1 million and $2 million just for showing up for a day's worth of
8:52 am
work. >> do we feel sorry for these celebrities? >> it's hard to after seeing all these figures. >> we don't feel sorry for them. however, when you look at the money that comes in there's a lot of money that goes out like security because there's demands for pictures in the paparazzi, especially if you have kids. >> absolutely. a celebrity making $18 million a year is still spending around $1 million on security and $300,000 to $700,000 on child care costs. >> wow. >> but i think as charlie pointed out, we don't feel sorry for them. that goes with the territory of being a celebrity. >> like having to face cameras. >> that's right. >> poor thing. >> yeah. the thing that gets to me jo, is everybody talks about being a brand. is that what we've come to? you're supposed to be a brand? you can answer that in less than ten seconds, jo. >> charlie's making me nervous. every celebrity is a commodity and their brand is what's important. >> thank you so much jo. that does it for us.
8:53 am
up next your local news. we'll see you tomorrow right here on "cbs this morning."
8:54 am
8:55 am
right now thousands of employees at k one-day strike >> good tuesday morning. i'm grace lee. right now thousands of employees at kaiser permanente are on a one-day strike in a dispute over pay and health benefits. nurses and engineers are joining in support. meantime, the facilities remain open. oakland mayor jean quan is talking about stay away orders for repeat offers at the "occupy oakland" protest. such orders would be similar to gang injunctions which the mayor recently opposed. let's get a check of your weather, lawrence. >> we've got fog and drizzle that's going to slowly break up, cooler temperatures. pleasanton, clouds surged onshore into the valleys, going to take some time to break up
8:56 am
now. by the afternoon, the temperatures will be down a few degrees, 60 in livermore, 58 san francisco, the fog will continue out at the coastline, 55 degrees in pacifica. next couple days there's a slight chance we could see showers mainly north of the golden gate bridge into wednesday, on thursday though that sunshine returns, temperatures soaring well above the average, it will stay fairly mild and dry into the next weekend. all right. when we come back we'll check your timesaver traffic.
8:57 am
8:58 am
>> good morning. we'll start in oakland, westbound 580 before highway13 blocking a lane. a life camera, we've got brake lights on westbound 237, no accident just slower speeds from 880. to the south bay, northbound lawrence expressway, el camino real, the car pool lane blocked. we are told it's sluggish especially the northbound lanes. it's coming out of downtown san jose. we have a camera showing you that 280 traffic. and things have improved quite a bit in the last half hour, so headed out of downtown, towards cupertino. the 880 from oakland has not improved, sluggish northbound lanes from the coliseum to downtown exits. drive times, westbound 80, eastshore freeway 25 minutes, from the carquinas bridge to
8:59 am
the maze. heavy westbound 24 from walnut creek to the maze. mass transit on time.

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